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Skylarks Explore Kew Gardens

Skylarks Explore Kew Gardens
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Skylarks Explore Kew Gardens

On Wednesday 9th of May, Skylarks visited Kew Gardens as part of their Science study of ‘Plants’. A very productive day was had, touring the many glasshouses – including the newly reopened Temperate House – and different garden areas. They saw: alpine rockeries, fruit and vegetable gardens, woodland areas – so many different types of plant and varied environments! There was time for an educational session on the amazing plants of the rainforest and desert in the morning as well as some observational sketching in the afternoon. They met a family of geese, with some rather wobbly goslings, and later learned what it might be like to be a worker bee when they visited the ‘hive’.

Below are some of the children’s recollections and comments on their enjoyable day:

My favourite thing was the glasshouse – it was so amazing. The venus flytrap is a weird plant! -Lazare

I loved Kew Gardens. I enjoyed sketching the Bonsai. -Maria

I liked the Tara tree, it was spiky. (Tara spinose, native of Peru!)   -Tara

We saw a meat eating plant. If a rat crawls by it might fall into the plant. -Nicolas

We pretended to be cacti getting bigger in the rain. -Cormac

The cacti have spikes so that predators don’t eat them. -Fernando

I liked the bee hive. It sounded like there were bees working. -Lily

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