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Keats’ Canopic Creations

Keats’ Canopic Creations
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Keats’ Canopic Creations

In Humanities this term, Keats have been exploring the amazing history of Ancient Egypt. In their Art sessions the girls learnt about the mummification process. During mummification 4 organs are removed and placed into Canopic Jars, each representing a different Egyptian god.

 Imsety the human-headed god protects the liver.

Hapy the baboon-headed god protects the lungs.

Duamutef the jackal-headed god protects the stomach.

Qebehsenuef the falcon-headed god protects the intestines.

Keats made their Canopic Jars using clay and paint.  Once they were finished the girls used a green screen to take photos of their Jars. Flip through the gallery below to see their wonderful creations.


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