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Coleridge’s Christmas Surprise

Coleridge’s Christmas Surprise
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Coleridge’s Christmas Surprise

At the end of last term Coleridge C were thrilled to discover that they had adopted a Jaguar through the WWF adoption program.  In their humanities lessons last term Coleridge learnt about the Amazon Rainforest and the devastating impact that deforestation has had on the wildlife that call it home. The jaguars Coleridge C have adopted are from Putumayo, Columbia; currently vast areas of forest in this area are being felled to make way for farms, cattle, ranching, roads and other developments.

The donation being made in Coleridge C’s name will help to pay for the equipment and support that WWF provides to the local people, enabling them to monitor the jaguar population and identify threats they face so they can target measures to protect them. Coleridge C are looking forward to learning more about these magnificent animals.

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