Fees and Bursaries

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Fees and Bursaries
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Redcliffe fees are set annually by the Board of Governors.  For detailed information about the fees, please click on the link below:

2019-20 Schedule of Fees

Reception to Year 6: £6,390 per term

Nursery Full Day: £6,030 per term

Nursery Mornings Only: £3,600 per term

Nursery Afternoons Only: £2,400 per term

Fees are due one term in advance.

Additional charges are made for: external entrance examination fees, extra-curricular events, class day trips, residential trips, extra-curricular individual tuition and lost text books.

Optional charges are made for after-school clubs and are notified to parents each term.

There is also a provision for optional instrumental and drama lessons at the school and parents contract directly with the teacher.

Our Bursary Scheme

We believe that a Redcliffe education is a very special one and our bursary scheme is designed to widen pupil access to our school and assist those parents on low incomes who would like the opportunity to send their child to Redcliffe.

Our bursaries, which are means tested, offer up to 100% remission of tuition fees plus the full costs of appropriate extras such as school trips. They are awarded on an annual basis to parents who are financially eligible and who meet the application requirements set out in our policy. Unfortunately, due to the limited financial resources of Redcliffe, not every eligible application for a bursary will be successful.

All bursary applications are treated in the strictest confidence and our pupils are not aware that they benefit from a bursary unless informed by their parents.  The deadline for registering interest in a bursary is February 1st.

The School’s expectation is that parents, who do not express interest in a bursary at the point of registration, will not require financial support throughout the time that their child attends the school, except due to wholly unforeseen circumstances.

To find out how to apply for a bursary, please contact the registrar on 020 7352 9247 or email registrar@redcliffeschool.com.

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